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Cocaine Train

I met my friend Charlie on the wrong side of the tracks. Gave him all my money didn’t think I’d get it back.
Took me to a place that I have never been before. The trouble is I like it and I need a little more.

Cocaine train, cocaine train. Can’t afford to board this cocaine train. Cocaine train, cocaine train. Can’t afford to lose it all again.

Charlie keeps on taking every penny that I make. It doesn’t feed the family, it doesn’t reach the plate.
I’ve never felt so wrong inside, I’ve never felt so right. This train is gonna hurt unless I’m following the light.


Well I took to stealing like a duck takes to the ground Just to busy thinking ’bout the next train out of town.
Forty nights of silence and they still won’t let me go. Where’s my worn out record of the Old Crow Medicine Show.


Its taken all my money and its taken all my clothes. Its taken my whole family its all gone up my nose.
Turns out this old rail road track has only one stop left. Just one piece of paper and it certifies my death.


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