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Queensland Sky

Sailed so long on foreign shores, men put down hard work no love.
Set them free they’ll make their home sweet home.
Captain frowned their spirits low, thrown him off and burnt their boat.
Now they’re free they’ll make their home sweet home.

As the sun beat down from the Queensland Sky, was spared no shade from the other side,
skin so burnt skin so dry, they’d bury themselves in the sand.

One year gone on foreign land settled down with wife and child,
now they’re safe they’ll make their home sweet home. News got back to the English throne,
of mutineers on foreign shores. Sent a boat to bring them home sweet home.


One year long Pandora sailed. Found the enemy locked them in.
Now Pandora’s box was home sweet home. Made a turn and hit the reef.
Some men drowned, some set free. Swam their way to shore and waited still.


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