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Save My Broken Heart

Bad week bad month bad year, down on our luck things look bleak and it’s hard to remember how it feels to be happy.
It’s not like us and it’s not like me, normally the cup’s half full. It’s empty and I’m struggling to see through.

This band is gonna save my heart, this old band is gonna mend my heart.
The band is gonna save my heart my broken heart.

Feels like I’ve failed now too many times, like I’m no way good enough.
Like there’s something wrong with me or there’s something wrong with us.
Sometimes it’s hard to help myself when I’ve fallen down and it’s hard to pick you up, when you’re struggling too.


I don’t wanna pick up the phone or see my friends, like no one knows how it feels to lose so much.
The truth is I know we all are the same we all suffer loss, and there’s always hope when the music starts.


I know times are rough when, I don’t wanna play. When singing a song feels like I’m swimming in mud.

(Chorus) x2


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